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How does PQ Age Evolution Plus Work?

The formula contains 2 special carriers for the vehiculation of the specific active ingredients Glyne Complex and Liposomal Micro shuttle In addition to the classic PQ Age evolution super lifting effect, this new unique formulation also guarantees a PRP-like and cosmetic makeup effects.

Glyne Complex: for the modulation and vehiculation of the acids-Chloroacetic Acid, Kojic and Mandelic acid.

Liposomal Micro Shuttle: for the vehiculation and protection of epidermal grow factor 1 from the action of the acids

Benefits of PQ Age Evolution Plus

PQ Age Evolution Plus Double Effects

Indirect Stimulation for repair: Modulated acids denature proteins of the extra cellular matrix. This process indirectly activates the cells to repair the skin.

  • Leveling
  • Illuminating
  • Lifting

Liposomal Grow Factors: Cosmetic make up and cosmetic PRP effect.

  • Direct Stimulation
  • Compacting-Restoring

Bio regeneration

  • The growth factor reaches the membrane receptor intact.
  • The receptor gets activated.
  • The signal is transmitted inside the cell, activating the process of bio regeneration.