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At Hideout we offer different lash services including lash lifts, lash extensions and extension removal while also offering many lash products including conditioners, deep cleaners and lash growth serums.

Lash extensions

Available in classic (one lash to one lash), volume (multiple extensions per natural lash) or hybrid (a mix between classic and volume) and mega volume. We also offer brown lashes as well as other fun colors!

Lash extensions come in different lengths, thicknesses and curl types. Depending on the desired look and the condition of the natural lash, the lash artist will pick the correct type to use on the client. Clients usually need fills every 2-3 weeks and must come back with at least 50% of the lashes to be considered a fill. Extended fills are available when less than 50% of the lash extensions remain.

Clients coming with lash extensions from another location are considered a foreign fill and a one-time fee may apply ($10-$20)

We have 3 levels of lash artists, depending on skill level and speed of application. Prices vary for each level.

Lash lifts

A perm and tint to the natural lash. Works great for long natural lashes that point straight or are a lighter color. If the natural lashes aren’t too long naturally, a growth serum can be used for a few weeks for to get maximum results!

Example of Different Types of Sets*

*Keep in mind, final look will depend on your natural lash length, thickness and fullness and shape of eye. We are very cautious when doing lashes and strive to maintain the health of your natural lash!

Classic Lashes

One extension per one natural lash. 

Volume Lashes

Thinner extensions used to hand make little fans which are then applied to each natural lash.

Hybrid Lashes

A mix of class and volume lashes.

Mega Volume Lashes

This is Volume to the next level! Get the strip lash look you love without the hassle of strips! The fluffiest and fullest lashes possible.